Document Design Process Books

Impact: Reflecting on my Visual Design Process#

Key Concepts: Heirarchy, Progressive Disclosure, Grid Layouts, Visual/Verbal Balance, Intentional White Space

Tools: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketching, Design Critiques

Roles: Designer, Editor, Publisher, Printer

Duration: 1 semester

I am not a visual designer, which made the Document Design course I took in my last semester of graduate school all the more interesting; it was a course about physical media, taught and critiqued remotely (due to COVID) with digital tools and online submissions.

While I had taken other courses covering the fundamentals of visual design and color theory, the digital components of the field lent themself to my more technical background.

This allowed me to focus on improving my eye training, integrating feedback and critique into my work, and keeping an open mind as I experimented with new and different techniques across a variety of simulated mediums, from magazine articles to book spreads and posters to resumes.

Pictured here are some illustrated progressions of select work, and linked below is the complete collection of process books for the course, examining and reflecting on my design process in detail. Beyond just the improvement of my visual design skills, I hope they illustrate my approach to open-ended design problems, as well as how I incorporate feedback and critque into improving my work.

Review the collected process books [PDF]